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Zwick Construction has completed many industrial projects throughout states like Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and Oregon, including the Campus Absorption Chiller.

Campus Absorption Chiller

Northern UT: Campus Absorption Chiller Replacement Project

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This contract included the replacement of two-2,000 ton absorption chillers. These chillers provide cooling for a large, local university campus.

In order to complete the project, the Zwick Construction team had to remove the existing chiller by cutting it down to a manageable size, then removing the pieces. Next they brought in the massive chillers and hooked them up to the piping systems that Zwick had replaced. They also replaced seven pumps that help supply water to the system.

The chillers were shipped in from China. It took several months for them to arrive. Teams had to carefully plan to avoid schedule slippage while they waited for the chillers to arrive. They worked on the pipe system first. In the end, when the chillers did arrive, the only parts left on the project were minor adjustments.

Guided by our core values, Zwick Construction delivers impressive projects of all kinds in many industries.
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