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Zwick's Core Values are summarized in these three words. They define who we are as a company and the characteristics each employee brings to the team. Our Core Values are what drive our entire management philosophy, differentiating us and the experience you have as a client, subcontractor, partner, and employee.

Passion is one of our core values that help us construct quality buildings in Utah and California.


Our people love what they do. We have a sincere desire to create partnering relationships and fulfill client goals.

Integrity is one of our core values that help us construct quality buildings in Utah and California.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect that those we work with will do the same. We practice honesty and fairness.

Teamwork is one of our core values that helps us construct quality projects in Utah and California.


We strive to work together to ensure that all of our projects are completed at the highest quality within the schedule.


Zwick's Guiding Principles provide specific guidelines to our daily actions and decisions– both as a company, and as individuals. These principles are evident in our relationships with our employees, our industry partners, our clients, and our subcontractors:

  • We build long-term relationships of trust

  • We are professionals

  • We protect the Zwick brand

  • We give autonomy

  • We encourage personal and professional growth

  • We view subcontractors as an extension of our team

  • We exercise financial discipline

  • We optimistically problem-solve in the face of reality

  • We are always learning and improving

  • We are builders

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Each Monday morning we gather as a team in a Core Values meeting, where we share examples of our core values in recent personal actions or in business operations. It keeps the team cohesive and focused on what matters most to our company.


The Core Values Award is Zwick Construction’s most prestigious award, given to one employee per year who exemplifies passion, integrity, and teamwork in their work life and home life. We are thrilled to announce that Netza, an Irvine Assistant Superintendent, was nominated and chosen to receive the award for his commitment to living these core values.

Zwick Construction has three core values- passion, integrity, and teamwork- and each year we select a Core Values Award Winner.
Guided by our core values, Zwick Construction delivers impressive projects of all kinds in many industries.
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