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Zwick Construction has completed many multifamily projects throughout states like Utah, California, Nevada, and Arizona, including the Brookfield Apartments.

Brookfield Apartments

St. George, UT: Brookfield Apartments & Clubhouse

OWNER: Stewart Properties

ARCHITECT: Pontis Architectural Group

SIZE: 8 Acres


The Brookfield Apartments project is a garden-style apartment community and HUD project. The project was completed on-schedule in May 2022 and features twelve buildings, including 160 units, a clubhouse, adjacent poolhouse, and pool. The three-story residential buildings range from one- to three-bedroom apartments.

The phasing of construction called for the buildings to be completed in pairs, starting with the clubhouse and poolhouse, which was delivered in July 2021. Following that delivery, each couple was delivered within two-to-three months of the buildings prior. After each building was delivered, residents moved in.

In order to stay on top of the schedule and budget, the team acquired materials early into construction, storing lumber, appliances, and other materials on the site for months prior to use. Additionally, the wall panels were built off-site and transported to the site, which helped with the schedule.

Guided by our core values, Zwick Construction delivers impressive projects of all kinds in many industries.
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