'Making Concrete Soft' in Utah Detention Center

A Zwick Construction team was tasked with turning one wing of a juvenile detention center into a welcoming abode to youth who need shelter.

Zwick Construction recently delivered a very unique Tenant Improvement project to the Utah Division of Juvenile Justice Services. The Dixie Area Detention Center predominantly provides secure confinement to youth being diverted from entering the juvenile justice system and youth who have been found guilty of committing various crimes; however, one wing of the center is reserved for youth who are in need of shelter. Zwick was asked to remodel this wing to make it more comfortable for those youth.

This remodel required that the concrete beds and detention elements be removed. Next, it made the classrooms more accessible by the living quarters. In the part of the detention yard where this wing connects, Zwick removed the detention elements and replaced it with a regular fenced yard for residents’ enjoyment. Ultimately, the project made the wing more welcoming, cleaner, and less jail-like.

In addition to that housing wing, Zwick also remodeled the administration area to give employees more staffing space.

Besides minor setbacks with the HVAC and programming issues, the only issue the team faced was “making concrete soft,” as Milt Laub put it. Even with these challenges, the team successfully delivered a much more welcoming, homely detention center on March 19, 2020.

Congratulations to the St. George team who completed this project in Hurricane, UT.

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