The Stack Team Participates in UOSH Consultation

The Zwick Construction team working on the Stack Apartments in Salt Lake City, UT, invited Utah Occupational Safety and Health (UOSH), a governing board in Utah whose job is to ensure that every employee has a workplace free of hazards, to visit their site and provide a consultation. The purpose of the visit was two-fold: First, UOSH makes recommendations on how to improve the overall safety and health of the site. Second, the team and Zwick Construction want to build a relationship with UOSH in order to show the state of Utah that Zwick uses safe building practices.

We are proud to report that because of the team’s constant vigilance and careful planning, in the end, UOSH did not make any recommendations on how the site could be safer. Congratulations to the team for the dedication to safety! In addition to the team’s attentiveness, the subcontractors on our job also participated in the walkthrough and received minimal feedback from UOSH.

During the consultation, UOSH looked for correct signage, fire extinguishers, wash stations, fall protection, appropriate housekeeping, access and egress points, and other items of interest. Additionally, UOSH looked through our Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), especially in regard to emergency evacuation plans.

“We are actively getting involved with UOSH in making our jobsites safer places to work, and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

Our Director of HSE, said, “At Zwick, we want to improve the safety culture and raise awareness of potential jobsite hazards. This visit showed UOSH that Zwick and our trade partners want to get involved and have safe sites.”

Thanks to the team for their hard work in preparing for the consultation and maintaining such a safe, healthy site. This is an impressive accomplishment both for Zwick Construction and for our subcontractors on-site.

Moving ahead, we will encourage more jobsites hold consultations with their OSHA representative to build a more safe workplace and entire company.

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