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The Summer of Interns

Every May, Zwick Construction welcomes talented interns to our offices who provide valuable industry knowledge. In return, we offer a dynamic internship program that is designed specifically to ensure that these interns are given hands-on experience in the field and to help our personnel and the intern decide if Zwick Construction is a good fit for future, full-time employment.

Zwick Construction welcomes talented interns every year in our offices.

Throughout their time at Zwick, these interns participate in estimating, field work, and BIM to help them figure out which field they are most interested in. They visit several sites as they learn about different project types. The biggest goal of the program is to give these interns opportunities to learn through experience.

One intern in Irvine, CA, explained, “Throughout my internship, I have been able to actively participate in meetings. I walk around the site with the superintendent who points things out to me that I need to take notice of. I have learned about and assisted in quality control, OSHA regulations, and more.”

He continued, “What I like about Zwick is that I’m not treated like an intern. They have given me real projects to work on where I get to interact with subcontractors and the team. I’ve been very pleased so far.”

In addition to field experience, interns participate in more structured programs, such as the weekly “Interns and Ice Cream,” where Zwick employees in many vocations discuss what their job entails.

We're excited to have many interns this year. Welcome!


Guided by our core values, Zwick Construction delivers impressive projects of all kinds in many industries.
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