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Sweet Completions at Sidecar Doughnuts

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee is a popular, boutique cafe and doughnut shop that makes signature coffee blends and fresh doughnuts. Throughout the past couple years especially, Sidecar has expanded into many new areas of Southern California. In connection with that growth, about one year ago, Zwick Construction completed two tenant improvement projects for Sidecar– one in Torrance, CA and the other in San Diego, CA.

Throughout the past couple years, Sidecar Doughnuts has been expanding throughout California and they hired Zwick Construction to complete those expansions.

The Torrance location included the demolition of the existing interior. It was replaced with polished concrete, a prop ceiling t-bar, pitch ceiling wood paneling, sleek concrete countertops, and more. This remodel makes the atmosphere feel very classy and welcoming.

The San Diego (Del Mar) location has a completely different look. In fact, all the Sidecar locations differ in their appearance, making a stop at the restaurant a unique experience for guests visiting every location.

The Zwick team completed each location in about five months. The owners were greatly pleased with the results, so much so that Zwick was hired to complete two more tenant improvement projects for Sidecar, which are currently in preconstruction.

Thanks to the project team for their hard work and commitment to the project!


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