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A Highlight on Our Scheduling Department

One of the most crucial parts of delivering a successful project is delivering on time. That delivery date can make all the difference between a happy client and an unhappy one. Because of that, Zwick Construction has a talented scheduling team that provides updated and accurate schedules to each project team. Between their work and each team’s vigilance, we are able to deliver projects closer to estimated completion dates.

Zwick Construction has a talented scheduling department that helps each project team deliver projects timely.

Scheduling is an intensive process that starts well before a project begins. Once the RFP and drawings are released, the schedulers begin systematically calculating how long each phase of construction will take, multiplied by size of the project. The schedule also includes various inspection dates and permit acquirement times.

Depending on the size of the project, creating a schedule takes around one full day to complete. In addition to creating the initial schedule, schedulers update and revise schedules for every project weekly. This gives every team a better perspective on where their project is and what steps to take to ensure a timely delivery. Updating these schedules can be time-consuming, but it is essential to keeping projects on track.

The scheduling department uses P6, a software designed for scheduling. Although the schedulers still have to complete the calculations by hand, the software will take the number of estimated days and place it into an actual calendar.

"Scheduling is everything. It helps us hold everyone in the project accountable. We really couldn't expect to without having the schedule."

As with all facets of construction, scheduling has its challenges, the largest of which is the unknown; the schedulers have no control over what unforeseen things will happen during construction. For example, weather, procurement delays, and COVID-related setbacks cannot be estimated at initial scheduling determination. These setbacks require flexibility from the team.

Scheduling is extremely crucial to our operations at Zwick Construction and we are grateful for our scheduling department for their daily dedication to delivering timely projects.


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