Passion and Integrity in Preconstruction

One of the most foundational and famous aspects of Zwick Construction is the award-winning Preconstruction Department. Throughout the years, many clients have come to respect and utilize the department while they build their projects.

While most general contractor companies have preconstruction departments, Zwick’s stands out because of their client-centric perspective. It is an extremely collaborative effort between Zwick, the client, architect, and design team. Instead of presenting problems for the client to fix, they solve problems by offering reasonable solutions to those problems. Members of the preconstruction department have worked for several years in preconstruction, which makes them experts on meeting client needs.

“At Zwick Construction, we attack issues differently. We’re not building just to build, but building relationships. Instead of flagging problems for the owner, we give options to solve issues so that the owner can make informed decisions.”

Explained simply, preconstruction is an intensive process where Zwick works with the client and their teams to figure out how to bring the project into budget while maintaining the design intent. In order to stay within budget, Zwick offers the client Value Engineering (VE) options. As Nathan Deal expressed, this is not about changing the design intent, but rather offering similar alternatives that fit better into the budget.

After the VE process is finished, the project goes out to bids by subcontractors. Their totals are added together and finalized, then presented to the client.

Preconstruction can save the client significant amounts of money and time. Additionally, as Nathan explained, it “saves contention” by bringing the amount of Requests for Information (RFI) and change orders down to a more manageable number.

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