Project Highlight: The Marriott Irvine Hotel

In Summer 2016, Marriott hired Zwick Construction to remodel the front entry way to the main entrance of their Irvine location, a large 485-room hotel.

The project began with demolishing the existing pond, parking lot including many valet spots, underground lighting, and driveway. The team then regraded and reconstructed the site, adding many improvements to the landscape and drive-up areas.

Upgrades included extensive landscape enhancements, such as eight, 25-foot tall date palm trees incorporated into the brick-paved driveways directly in front of the hotel entrance. Other notable accents include landscape and water feature lighting, decorative fencing, ornamental concrete hardscaping, a radius concrete bench, three 35-foot flagpoles, new asphalt paving and striping, electric vehicle charging stations, and ADA upgrades to the existing parking lot.

The centerpiece is a water feature with a pre-cast concrete cap. The six-foot high water feature is curved in shape, with six-inch steps down the battered face which the water cascades down, enhancing visual and acoustical aspects.

The project also included minor improvements to the exterior of the hotel itself, including a repaint and new signage.

Because the hotel stayed open during construction, the team had to complete the remodel in phases, always allowing for guests to enter and exit the hotel safely by using alternate routes.

The project ran from August to December 2016.

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