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Karl Rasmussen Receives Core Values Award

The Core Values Award is Zwick Construction’s most prestigious award, given to one employee per year who exemplifies passion, integrity, and teamwork in their work life and home life. We are thrilled to announce that Karl Rasmussen was nominated and chosen to receive the 2020 Core Values Award.

Karl Rasmussen was the first superintendent hired at Zwick Construction in 2007. Darin Zwick explained, “I don’t know how I convinced Karl to join me in a start-up company, but he always knew we would grow this company together and he would be a huge part of it. He was here at the very beginning and helped us create these core values. He’s given his all.”

We are thrilled to announce that Karl Rasmussen was nominated and chosen to receive the 2020 Core Values Award, Zwick Construction's most prestigious award.

During his time at Zwick, Karl has completed many projects, including several Unified Fire Authority stations, the Red Pine Lodge remodel, a few Deseret Book TIs, the Sorrento Apartments, and many more. He is currently working on the Slate and Sloane Apartments.

In his work life and personal life, Karl is known for his complete integrity. Owners often express their respect for Karl because he is straight-forward about everything on projects. As his wife explained, “With Karl, he does the right thing even when he doesn’t have to. His integrity shines through, and he never wants to hide anything. If there’s a problem, he wants the right people to know about it and wants to fix it.”

Karl is also known to give credit to those around him, even when he rightfully deserves the credit.

“Karl really lives our core values in everything he does– at work, outside work, and in all his relationships. You cannot find a more honest guy than Karl. He’s so capable, committed, and loyal to the company. Karl is very deserving of the Core Values Award this year.” Darin Zwick, President & CEO

Outside work, Karl is passionate about hunting, horses, and his family. He cares deeply about them, as well as the projects he works on and the teams he works with. For his dedication and exemplary commitment to living the core values, we congratulate Karl in receiving the Core Values Award.

Recipients of the Core Values Award are nominated by their peers, then ultimately selected by the Executive Committee. The award is given to acknowledge the relentless, extraordinary efforts of employees who have been at Zwick Construction for several years.


Guided by our core values, Zwick Construction delivers impressive projects of all kinds in many industries.
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