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Contractors with Green Thumbs

Utah’s most visited attraction, Temple Square, has drawn tourists and visitors alike to the exquisite grounds and buildings. At any point throughout April to October, thousands of beautiful plants and flowers dot the grounds.

Since Utah’s cold winter climate is not conducive to growing flowers that early/late in the season, the owner of Temple Square uses off-campus greenhouses year-round to start the growing process, then transplants the flowers to Temple Square, allowing for beautiful flowers and plants on the grounds nearly all year. These greenhouses are located in residential areas near downtown.

The owner recently hired Zwick Construction to build one of these greenhouses. The project began with the demolition of the existing, 50-year old greenhouse, including the removal of the footings and foundations. The team then installed a new greenhouse– new footings, sidewalks, electrical components, and control wiring. The completed polyplastic greenhouse is 20x80 feet and was made from a kit.

In order to create the most ideal setting for the plants inside, the greenhouse features both heaters and swamp coolers to regulate the temperature and humidity. There are several rows of rolling planter tables for easy transportation.

Since the original structure was built so long ago, the team had very little information about the original site. Unknown to the team, the site electrical conduit ran under the footings, requiring them to reroute it before moving forward. Even with this challenge, the entire project was completed in three months– one month of procurement and two months of construction.

Congratulations to the project team for their work in delivering this unique project— the first greenhouse Zwick Construction has built.

Zwick Construction delivered a large greenhouse for an owner in Salt Lake City, UT.


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