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Past Project: DFCU Operations Center

Completed in 2018, the spacious Deseret First Credit Union Operations Center/Headquarters was one of the first Deseret First Credit Union projects that Zwick Construction completed, contributing to the solid relationship we have with the owners. The project team delivered the center on-time and within the budget in just under one year.

The operations center is a three-story, two-wing structure that spans 62,000 SF. The interior has a brick motif, complementing the exterior façade.

The most unique feature of the project is the spiral staircase, often referred to as the “bird cage” because of the two-inch floor-to-ceiling panels surrounding the stairs. In order to install this feature, the team had to have the long panels temporarily fashioned in a spring-like manner so they could fit the panels through the doorway. Following, the team had to carefully re-tighten the panels, being mindful not to warp the material. As the project manager described, this staircase was “a pretty big challenge,” but a unique and beautiful feature of the project. In addition to the staircase, the team was also challenged with installing glass partition walls, impressive woodworking, and many curved walls.

Employees working at this location enjoy a cafeteria, breakroom, many offices, balconies, a game room, and outdoor gathering area with a pavilion, basketball court, volleyball court, canopies, barbecues, and other amenities. Employees of the credit union also have access to both ground-level and underground parking.

Congratulations to the team on delivering this notable project!


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