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Trase Watson Receives Core Value Award

The Core Value Award is Zwick Construction’s most prestigious award, given to one employee per year who exemplifies passion, integrity, and teamwork in their work life and home life. We are thrilled to announce that Trase Watson was nominated and chosen to receive the award for his commitment to living these core values.

The Core Value Award is Zwick Construction's most prestigious award given to one employee per year who exemplifies passion, integrity, and teamwork. This was given to Trase Watson.

Trase has been a superintendent at Zwick Construction since 2016. His great character shines through in all he does. Trase is known to put in extra hours on weekends and nights, even when it is not required.

Trase recently started working on the Brookfield Apartments, a project which was largely given to Zwick Construction because of Trase. The owner, Tim Stewart, mentioned that when he began interviewing superintendents from various general contractors for the project, Trase stood out. He and his team are excited to have Trase on the project team for their apartment complex.

The Brookfield Apartments is just one of the many examples of where Trases’s character has stood out. During his time at Zwick, he has worked on several projects that left clients very pleased with the results. His upbeat, detail-oriented, and caring mindset really sets him apart.

Some of the other Zwick projects Trase worked on include North Sevier Middle School, the Chrysalis Office Building, Golden Corral Cedar City, Brent’s Flooring America, both Dixie Tech projects, and Goldenwest Credit Union.

"When I think about Trase Watson, no one is more deserving of this amazing award than him. He represents all three of those strengths: Passion, integrity, and teamwork." - Craig Zwick | Chairman

Clients have reported that Trase is excellent at keeping jobsites clean and safe. They appreciate how Trase listens intently to their concerns, then finds creative ways to solve problems. Trase is mindful of the subcontractors he works with too, always giving them credit for their hard work.

Not only does Trase exemplify our core values at work, but he does in his home life too. His wife Jennifer explained that he is always kind and helpful to her, their four children, and parents. He is quick to teach others and has a passion for learning, a trait which has passed down to his children.

For his example, hard work, kindness, and exemplary commitment to living the core values, we congratulate Trase Watson in receiving the Core Value Award. Thanks for your contributions, Trase.

Recipients of the Core Value Award are nominated by their peers, then ultimately selected by the Executive Committee. The award is given to acknowledge the relentless, extraordinary efforts of an employee who has been at Zwick Construction for several years.


Guided by our core values, Zwick Construction delivers impressive projects of all kinds in many industries.
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