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General Contracting


As general contractor, Zwick is responsible for delivering a quality project within budget and on schedule. Manage the process, partnering with qualified trade subcontractors and coordinating job site work flow are all critical to the overall success of the project.


Zwick project team members recognize that a good working relationship with the design processionals is essential to quickly address potential challenges before they can impede the project’s progress. Through open communication and regularly-scheduled coordination meeting , our management team is committed to work as partners to ensure the project’s success.

We are proud of our relationship with our subcontractors and are confident in our ability to procure qualified trade partners that will give the attention to quality that is demanded on a Zwick project.




Safety is our highest priority. Zwick strongly believes in taking a proactive approach regarding safety. Creating and maintaining a well-organized a clean jobsite is a significant factor in eliminating accidents. Additionally, providing enhanced safety awareness through weekly onsite safety meetings is a requirement for all employees working on the jobsite. The consistent and enduring track record of turning over successful construction projects is based upon a firm foundation in Safety. Zwick’s onsite policies and procedures have been formalized and well-documented in a Safety Program that is present on every jobsite.

Prior to the Construction Phase, a Site-Specific Safety Plan is assembled, based on the requirements of the project site. Variables are evaluated like manpower, site conditions, nearby features (such as a school, hospital, canal, etc.). Training is designed to deliver to the site team and each person who will work on the site. During the Construction Phase, the jobsite is kept secure. Personnel enter and exit through a single gate and materials are stored safely onsite.




Zwick Construction Company utilizes Sure Trak software to prepare and manage Critical Path Management (CPM) schedules. Zwick’s project schedules serve as a valuable tool for the entire project team and we’ll detail all team member activities including submital deadlines, long lead procurement deliveries and other important project milestones. Along with the baseline schedule, a three-week look-ahead schedule is utilized and updated weekly. Subcontractor buy-in to sequencing and activity duration is essential in making the schedule a useful tool rather than useless “wallpaper” hanging in the project offices.


Financial Viability


Zwick Construction Company is financially sound. Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America is the surety. They have never been contacted by a dissatisfied owner, nor has a surety ever been required to complete any Zwick project or pay a claim. Bonding credit has never been refused on project requests.  Zwick’s bonding capacity exceeds $50 million.


Training is one of the key strategies that sets Zwick apart from our competitors. Unlike other companies that offer training as an added perk, our training program is absolutely critical to our success. Training is mandatory for Zwick personnel and courses are conducted on a monthly basis. Zwick’s training program enhances many different skills necessary to consistently exceed client expectations, including:

Technical Training

These courses teach the technical skills required to construct quality buildings on time and on budget. When used correctly today’s specialized construction software packages include invaluable tools for reporting, tracking, and various analyses. Training our staff processionals on their various features enhances their ability to use these tools efficiently and accurately.


Safety Training

Safety training is critical for a construction company. Zwick employees are educated about the importance of job site safety, fall projection, equipment usage and all other critical safety procedures.

Open, Transparent Communication

It starts during the Preconstruction phase but carries throughout the entire project cycle. Weekly meetings with owners, the design team, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that everyone knows what's required of them and a reminder of who is depending on them. 


Quality Through Inspection

We have some of the best superintendents in the industry, and we match the unique skillsets and experience of our personnel to each project. One of the roles they will excel in is providing a layer of QA/QC on behalf of the owner and architect. 


Keep to the Schedule

Zwick’s entire team are masters of the calendar and clock. During the Preconstruction phase, we work to produce a project schedule with the input of the owner, design team, suppliers and our project team. During Construction, we measure our daily output against the Project Schedule. We also produce a rolling, three-week "look-ahead" schedule to manage the specific tasks of the day.


In the event of schedule slip, we immediately identify the trades/suppliers who are responsible and affected. We hold a meeting with everyone and find a solution, creating a game plan to get the work caught up to the master schedule.