Building New Facilities and Relationships Across State Boundaries

In July 2019, Zwick Construction delivered the Mountain America Credit Union (MACU) branch in Mesquite, NV. The branch became Zwick’s first project in Nevada and the first that we’ve constructed for MACU.

Working in Nevada brought some unique challenges to the project team. Before the project began, Zwick had to navigate and complete the Nevada State Licensing process, which took several weeks. Additionally, Zwick had to find qualified, licensed subcontractors in Nevada. With its successful completion, the St. George Office has been able to pursue other opportunities in Nevada, such as the Overton Power District 5 project, which began construction this month.

The owners of MACU were extremely pleased with the finished branch and with Zwick in general. In fact, this relationship has led to Mountain America inviting Zwick Construction to bid and construct two addition projects and possibly more in the future. Both the owner and the architect expressed that Jessica Escobar was the best Project Engineer they had ever worked with, along with Brandon Day being equally as important to the project success, as Project Manager. Congratulations to the team for truly demonstrating Zwick’s core values.

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