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American Fork 860 Apartments

Spanning 15 acres, the American Fork 860 Apartments will become a large residential community in American Fork, UT. At its completion, the project will include 512 one- to three-bedroom units. In total, there will be seven buildings, each four stories tall.

In addition to the residential units, the community will also feature luxury amenity spaces, including a pool, hot tub, fire pits, pergolas, barbecues, and an indoor movie screen.

Currently ten months into the project, teams are focusing the bulk of their efforts on framing. They have already completed framing the first building and have moved on to subsequent buildings. Along with those framing efforts, teams have completed around 80% of the foundations site-wide and are installing MEP in the first building.

Since the start of the project, the team faced challenges with the amount of groundwater on the property; the project is located adjacent to a canal. In order to prepare for construction, the land underwent a swell/ground stabilization process that allowed them to move forward.

Even with those challenges and more, the team has worked hard to keep the project safe and on-schedule.

Great work to the team!

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