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The AGC-Utah Training Center Delivered

To combat the increasing construction labor shortage and to promote better-trained construction workers, the Utah AGC (Associated General Contractors) built a new training facility that would assist in alleviating both current issues. The idea was formed in early 2019 and the actual facility was delivered just over a month ago, on November 30, 2021.

In order to complete this training facility, members of the AGC-Utah pitched in and donated their time, supplies, personnel, and/or money to assist in the building process. Representing Zwick Construction, Eric Calder provided the preconstruction of the entire building. Ryan Earl acted as the project manager throughout the construction of the structure. Additionally, Zwick Construction donated money to assist in the $5M building.

Over the past many years, trade schools throughout the nation have decreased, along with the number of new entrants into construction. This new facility was designed to satisfy some of the educational gaps in the construction industry. It will provide trainings and certification courses to new entrants, as well as more advanced courses to current construction personnel, building better habits, safer practices, and finer work.

The 16,000 SF training facility features several classrooms/training rooms, an auditorium, and a large, high-bay space to teach many trades and practices, such as welding, scaffold-safety, crane usage, and more. The large garage door allows for large equipment to be brought in for trainings. The center will also provide First-Aid, pre-contractor licensing, and other classes.

Congratulations to Eric Calder and Ryan Earl on the delivery of this impressive project!


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