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A Summer & Fall of Fun

It’s been a busy few months for Zwick Construction employees in all three offices. As CEO Darin Zwick said, “At Zwick, we work hard, and we play hard too.” Representative of that statement, we’ve been able to participate in parties, trainings, and other events all together this fall and summer.

In August and September, all three offices hosted summer parties for employees and their families. The St. George Office held their party at Arcadia Clubhouse and Pool, one of their past projects. Both the Salt Lake City and Irvine Offices held theirs at a local park with a playground for the children.

In conjunction with the Salt Lake City Summer Party, the office also held a subcontractor/client appreciation outreach event that same morning. They provided a breakfast food truck and the opportunity for their trade partners to interact with the Salt Lake employees they had not previously met in person.

The St. George Office was invited to participate in some recruiting events at Southern Utah University. They spent the evening with students, then the next day at a very rainy golf tournament.

In order to keep up with certifications, many employees from both the Salt Lake City and Irvine Offices took a First-Aid/AED/CPR Certification Training.

In mid-September, Salt Lake City superintendents/field engineers and project manager/project engineers participated in a day-long retreat at Strawberry Reservoir. They spent the day fishing together, then enjoyed a lunch on the way home. St. George and Irvine will soon be holding their own retreats as well.

These are just a few examples of some events and activities we have had over the past few months. Our culture is healthy and active because of the good people we have at Zwick Construction. For your hard work and dedication, thank you!


Guided by our core values, Zwick Construction delivers impressive projects of all kinds in many industries.
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