Project Highlight: Iron County Courthouse

Iron County hired Zwick Construction to complete a substantial renovation in a project that was completed two years ago, in February 2018.

Originally built in 1970 to act both as a courthouse and a bomb shelter, the Iron County Courthouse in Parowan, UT, fell into need of updates and a remodel nearly 50 years later.

One of the largest parts of the project was removing the original air handler unit and replacing it with a new one. In order to do so, the team had to take out the old one piece by piece through a chute, then follow the same process to install the new air handler unit.

The original contract included MEP modifications and some interior redesigns; however, during construction, the team ran into some unforeseen issues that caused the project scope to widen. First, the team discovered asbestos in the walls and had to mitigate it. Next, they discovered that there were no conduits in the building when they went to transform the electrical to LED. This required them to completely rewire the building and put new grounding in.

Even with all these added challenges, the team still delivered the project quickly, only adding three months to the duration.

Iron County held a ribbon-cutting event following the remodel completion, where the team represented Zwick Construction. Iron County expects that this remodel will double the lifespan of the building for another 40-50 years.

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