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Zwick Construction Gives Back

In commemoration of the events that transpired on September 11, 2001, the day has been deemed a national day of service, which Zwick Construction participated in. Individuals and teams throughout the company set aside time that day to give back to the community in various ways:

Camber: The Camber team worked together to clear a neighboring sidewalk of weeds and overgrown plants, creating a safer and cleaner route for pedestrians.

Lindon Utah Temple: To thank their trade partners for their hard work, the Lindon Utah Temple team provided a food truck at lunch time.

Salt Lake City Office: In just under a half-hour, the office staff assembled 385 snack packs for underprivileged children in the area.

American Fork Apartments: The team beautified the Lindon City Park/Equestrian Center by disposing of trash.

Bowers Residences: At Bowers, the team provided a lunch and teddy bears to local firefighters and emergency responders. These personnel give the teddy bears to children who are affected by traumatic events.

Summit Vista: Giving back to the community they’ve been working in, the team also picked up trash in the surrounding areas.

Heber Storage: This team gifted the neighboring residents of the project a certificate to the car wash.

These represent only a few of the projects that were completed by Zwick Construction people on September 11th. To all who participated, donated, and planned, thanks for being a part of this meaningful day.


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