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Tower Cranes Comes to Zwick Sites

In the last couple of months, Zwick Construction installed three tower cranes on sites in Utah and California (The Stack, SLC; 6th + Main, SLC; and 4900/4850 Hollywood, Irvine). These tower cranes have made the construction process much more efficient at each of the sites.

Zwick Construction has recently put up three tower cranes across various sites.

To ensure the safety of users, other workers onsite, and the site itself, an intensive planning and installation process is required for each tower crane. In fact, since every tower crane model varies in size and capacity and since each site where the crane will be erected is different, it takes engineers weeks to plan and calculate proper installation of the tower crane prior to its assemblage.

Typically, installation takes several trucks and two smaller cranes just to erect a tower crane; and the process to deliver, erect, and certify a crane for use often takes several days. Moreover, both Salt Lake City cranes had a lighted, Zwick logo installed on the crane which also took hours of planning and installation.

Once tower cranes are operational, they have an incredible effect on a construction project – lifting heavy loads all day long, for months at a time, until the project is complete.


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