Safety is Zwick Construction's first priority.



HSE is our highest priority. Zwick strongly believes in taking a proactive approach regarding HSE. In order to ensure safety on every project, Zwick employs several strategies:

Zwick Construction prioritizes safety on all of our projects, including having clean jobsites.



Zwick Construction strives to have extremely clean and organized jobsites. By doing so, the job sites are much safer and contribute to a better working environment for employees and visitors. In fact, project superintendents frequently check in-person and use a drone to ensure that the sites are orderly.

Zwick Construction prioritizes safety by conducting onsite safety meetings.



At Zwick Construction, we provide enhanced safety awareness through weekly onsite HSE meetings. These meetings are a requirement for all employees and subcontractors working on the jobsite. They cover specific safety risks on the project in general and on certain new elements to the project made apparent as work continues.

Zwick Construction prioritizes safety by taking security measures.



During the Construction Phase itself, the jobsite is kept secure. Personnel enter and exit through a single gate and materials are stored safely onsite. Jobsites have signage surrounding the project that inform employees, subcontractors, and visitors to the project of certain safety precautions, locations for specific needs, and more. It is not uncommon for projects to have 24-hour video surveillance.

Zwick Construction prioritizes safety by creating a site-specific safety plan.



Prior to the Construction Phase, a Site-Specific HSE Plan is assembled, based on the requirements of the project site. Variables are evaluated like manpower, site conditions, and nearby features (such as a school, hospital, canal, etc.). Trainings are designed and delivered to the site team, as well as each person who will work on the site. Zwick’s onsite policies and procedures have been formalized and well-documented in an HSE Program that is present on every jobsite.

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