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RC Willey Salt Lake Remodel

Salt Lake City, UT

Owner: RC Willey

Architect: Babcock Design Group

Size: 18,000SF

Completed: 2016

Contract Value: $3.5M

RC Willey contracted with Zwick to provide the CM/GC services on their flagship store remodel. The work included the relocation of the main entrance by cutting through the original tilt-up panels, and creating a two-story entrance with 20’ water feature. This was accomplished by removing nearly 1,000 SF of second-floor slab, and opening up the space to below.


The entire exterior was painted and updated, including lighting. The surface parking lot was refreshed and re-striped to accomodate the relocated store entrance, and several key parts of the store received a remodel, including the addition of a cafe on the second floor.
The entire contract was completed on- schedule, earning the admiration of the owner and the design team. More importantly, Zwick completed the work while minimizing or eliminating the effects of construction on the store’s retail operations, preserving the customer experience.