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434 Ascension Way, Suite 150  |  Salt Lake City, UT 84123


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Prestige Financial

Murray, UT

Owner: Larry H Miller Group of Companies

Architect: Axis Architects

Size: 11,000 SF

Completed: 2012

Contract Value: $420k

The objective of the this remodel was to improve the front lobby and employee break areas, and create an updated corporate image to attract young, sharp talent.

 The lobby features a new reception desk in front of a perforated wood wall with an abstract circular hole pattern.  Seating in the cafeteria was redesigned to provide more views to the exterior courtyard.  The redesigned office layout allowed for the addition of an employee lounge area, which features several recreational computer stations, bean bag seating, and a large television for movies and video games.  A large, curved wood wall wraps the entire space, and architectural features create a fresh, inviting atmosphere for employees to relax and recharge.