Prior to the completion of a construction project, our teams meet with the project owner and architect to fill out a punchlist. Basically, this group looks through every room of the building to look for any issues that should be fixed before it is turned over to the owner.

Historically, this process has been completed using paper forms and sticky notes; however, on the Wyndham WorldMark Moab project, the team was issued iPads instead—a much faster and more effective process.

To begin the punchlist process, Zwick placed QR codes on every door throughout the building. As the group walked through, they would scan the code, then make any notations of issues in Procore on the iPad.

This was more effective than the traditional route because once an issue is pinned, the software automatically sends the issue to the affected subcontractor(s), along with the location of the issue. It can also transmit pictures of the issue. Once the subcontractor fixes the problem, the software will remove it from the list. Using the iPad removes confusion from turning over hundreds of pages to the owner and subcontractors, as well as trying to explain exactly where the issues are.

Populating punchlists can take a significant amount of time to complete, but with the help of cloud-based software and iPads, the time commitment is substantially less. At the Moab project, it took around one and a half days.

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