Completed by Zwick Construction in Autumn 2014, the Las Alturas Apartments located in Los Angeles, CA will be reaching its six-year anniversary of completion. The complex is four-stories with 78-units and 84,000 SF of residential space. The apartments are built over a podium parking structure. The project covers half of the city block, and was built on a tight-site with busy roadways on three sides of the site. The building adjacent to the site, the Whittier Apartments, was also built by Zwick Construction in 2013 for the same client.

Working with the client, the Retirement Housing Foundation, and using a government-funded Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) produced unique challenges to the project team. For example, approval was required from three different agencies. Certified payroll was also required. With diligent coordination, the team was able to navigate the unique needs of the project throughout.

Additionally, the property is located in a particularly crime-ridden part of East Los Angeles. Because of the team’s constant security and vigilance, the project was protected against some potentially dangerous situations.

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