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When Zwick Rode Gondolas to Work

Getting concrete and construction supplies delivered on time can be a challenge on any site, but that was especially challenging for the Zwick Construction team who completed the remodel of the Red Pine Lodge in Park City, UT, in 2015.

The site required teams and subcontractors to travel up a mountain, off-road in four-wheel drive vehicles for nearly 30 minutes. To add an extra layer of challenge, the site’s location was so remote and mountainous, in the snowy winter months, construction workers were required to take a gondola system to the site. Fortunately, the majority of the project was completed before the gondola system was required.

Even with those added challenges, the team delivered the project in December 2015, just in time for the ski season. The entire project lasted around seven months.

The Red Pine Lodge is a restaurant, bar, and event venue. Located adjacent to various slopes, skiers and snowboarders frequent the location for the restaurant’s delicious burgers. Additionally, periodic weddings are held at the lodge in the spring and summer.

In order to keep up with more current styles and needs, the owners, Vail Properties, hired Zwick to complete a remodel of the space. That remodel included the dining area, upstairs deck and dining space, kitchen/service area, and patios. The contract also included a new entrance. The dark wood exterior and interior motif gives the lodge a warm and welcoming cabin-type feel.

After completing the Red Pine Lodge remodel, Vail Properties hired Zwick to complete two tenant improvement projects in similar mountain resorts—the North Face and Smartwool Store.

Thanks to the project team for his work and commitment in delivering the project!


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