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Making Progress on Santa Monica Projects

In just under one year, Santa Monica, CA will welcome three new apartments complexes: Broadway, Cloverfield, and Yale.

In just under one year, Santa Monica, CA will welcome three new apartment complexes– Broadway, Cloverfield, and Yale– to its downtown community. Zwick Construction has been building these mixed-use structures since December 2019.

Broadway is designed with light exterior and interior elements. The entrance will be adorned with white oak panels and flowy plants. There will be 15 units.

In contrast to its neighbor, Cloverfield will have a dark, rusticated board exterior facade with antique mirrors, burnt wood, dramatic lighting, and dense vegetation inside. This complex will have 34 units.

Yale, located just down the street from Broadway and Cloverfield, features vibrant colors, courtyards, clubhouses, a fitness center, a pet zone, and individual balconies. It will have 50 units.

Even with some minor setbacks due to COVID-19 regulations, government staffing alterations, and approvals on buyouts/change orders, the Irvine Zwick team has worked hard to provide quality work and attention to each project as well as the owner, LaTerra Developments.

Guided by our core values, Zwick Construction delivers impressive projects of all kinds in many industries.
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