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North Sevier Middle School Updates & Gymnasium Renovation

Salina, UT

Owner: Sevier School District

Architect: KMA Architects

Size: Update & Remodel

Completed: 2017

Contract Value: $2.4M

This middle school serves the rural community of Salina, UT. The school gymnasium is also used by the city for community events.

The renovation included areas of the gymnasium, girls and boys locker rooms, converting a mezzanine section to a useable space, and refinishing the original, one-inch thick, hardwood floors and finishing them with new stain and court markings. The contract also included several structural improvements and replacement of the school's roofing, HVAC updates, and updates to electrical, lighting and installation of a new PA system.

The work was scheduled during the summer weeks of 2017 and during the first few weeks of the school year, which required close coordination with the faculty and the various sports programs.