Zwick Construction has an award-winning preconstruction department that has completed hundreds of projects throughout states like Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Florida, and Oregon, including the BYU Basketball Annex.



OWNER: Brigham Young University

ARCHITECT: Rossetti Architects

SIZE: Confidential

Zwick was asked to take over the preconstruction phase of this facility to help the owner and design team meet more objectives. This two-story basketball training facility adds a much-needed practice facility and other services to the men’s and women’s basketball program at Brigham Young University. BYU worked with Rossetti architects, traveling to 15-20 facilities around the West to create a list of the best-practices in collegiate basketball facilities.

In addition to the practice floors, the Annex includes training rooms, team rooms, coaches offices, study rooms, a strength and conditioning center, and a Hall of Honor to display the rich traditions of BYU Basketball. All of the money was raised prior to construction.

Photos courtesy of BYU and Rossetti Architects.

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