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770 South Harbor Apartments

Fullerton, CA

Owner: PLC Apartments

Architect: M3A

Size: 120,000SF

Completed: 2018

Contract Value: $28M

This multifamily development is being built on a tight site in Fullerton, CA which required demolition of several existing structures. The 770 South Harbor Apartment development features four separate buildings: two Type VA over Type I structures, one pool-area structure and one stand-alone parking structure.  The two habitable structures consist of 142 units total and are four stories on top of an underground parking level.


Seven units are specifically designated as  live-work units. Common areas include a club room with kitchen, break room, rest rooms, offices and a fitness room. The parking structure consists of 152-stall parking stalls (272 parking stalls total for the whole project).  The construction schedule will last 23 months.